The Breakthrough Fellowship | Engage
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Sunday + 3

Be present every Sunday for worship

  • Be a tither (time, talent, gifts and resources) to The Breakthrough Fellowship.
  • Participate in a small group.
  • Participate in outreach.

In addition, we expect a member to be:

  • Follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Baptized.
  • Pray for The Breakthrough Fellowship.
  • Seek to build community with people who do and do not know Christ.


  • You can expect spirit-filled and authentic worship.
  • You can expect sound biblical teaching and preaching that applies to your life and challenges you to grow spiritually.
  • You can expect a safe community where spiritual growth and authenticity will take place.
  • You can expect us to care about you, pray for you and serve with you.
  • You can expect us to value your time and to use God’s resources with integrity.